The Humanalysts

Join a new movement in data and analytics

We are The Humanalysts.

Also known as the Sainsbury's Data and Analytics Centre of Excellence, we're a newly-restructured team built on delivering industry-leading insight. A community of thinkers, doers and risk takers, driven by doing the right thing.

Collaborating with colleagues across the business, we explore new ways of working with data to see just what's possible. And as Sainsbury's works to create the supermarket of the future, data powers every decision.

It's about turning information into innovation and action that supports sustainability, helps customers make their money go further, and enables suppliers to grow their businesses. Our insight unlocks new opportunities for everyone.

Whatever your area of expertise, you'll make the most of it - bringing your creativity and ingenuity to real-world, game-changing challenges that stretch and inspire your inquisitive mind. Join us and see the real, human impact of your work.

The Humanalysts are experts in


Add value to everything
Data Science & Algorithms

Data drives everything we do. Every idea, innovation and improvement that makes our customers' lives easier, better, healthier and greener. And with around 1.2 billion customer transactions every year, this is data with a scale, variety and richness that's unmatched anywhere. If you're an ambitious data scientist looking for freedom, resources, and a delivery-oriented culture of scientific inquiry, you'll find it here. You'll be part of a business-facing team, working alongside colleagues in information management, analytics, engineering and all things data.

Change the game for good
Business Intelligence and Reporting

From 24 million weekly transactions, through to an array of supplier and customer data, we work with a phenomenal volume and variety of data. Our business is fascinated by it and, increasingly, uses reports to inform bold decisions. So we work collaboratively with people across the business to help them understand how they can do more with data. For example, we created interactive self-serve dashboards, giving buyers more control over access to the data they need. From setting strategy for reporting and visualisation, to regular and ad hoc reports, and project support, you'll help us shape the future of retail.

Free the real power of data
Information Strategy and Management

We set the strategy and transform raw data into information that makes a difference. Like transforming raw data from tills to show the business what our customers like to buy, and how to keep improving their shopping experience. We do this by harnessing traditional RDBMS, open source, digital and big data capabilities, as well as diverse coding, data development and data transformation toolsets. Shaping solutions and providing information that drives the business' strategy, our work spans the whole development lifecycle. Crucially, we also make sure data is appropriately managed, governed and protected. Experts in information strategy, governance and data management; data developers; testers; business analysts; solution designers; data architects; - together, we harness curiosity and creativity with data, to create knowledge that informs the biggest decisions.

Bring data to life

Turning numbers into stories, we solve all kinds of exciting challenges. Working closely with teams across the business to understand their issues first-hand, our teams focus on food, marketing, online and digital, or retail operations. Whether we're working on complex projects, trials and testing, business decisions such as pricing, or investment reviews, our insight makes change happen. We encourage and challenge people to be bold. For example, we're responsible for our delivery vans losing passenger seats to make way for more customer orders. From store shelves to web pages, the difference we make is all around.

Leading innovation and change
Major Projects

Innovator, problem solver, solution finder? We work with the business to solve their largest and most complicated challenges from Data Science to reporting and analytics. Partnering with the business we help them understand the value of data-driven change, and the art of the possible. We're as fluent in business speak as tech lingo, and our impact is as big and broad as our remit, because Sainsbury's is a business that wants to be built and driven by data.